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Would you like to buy top quality studio cables or video cables? At LivePower, close to Brussels, you will find the most extensive selection of cables and power distributors. We produce a wide range of audio-visual connectivity solutions with a focus on rental and staging. These high-performance cables, connectors and materials are stripped, crimped and soldered with professional machinery and know-how. Continue reading and learn more about our extensive selection of cables.

Buy the right audio and video cables for your setup

At LivePower, we are known for our B2B sales because our customers can buy the right top-quality audio or video cables for their specific setup in our shop. It is a well-known phenomenon that finding the right cable is often not a simple task. Each device has a different port and requires cables with a very specific function. However, in our B2B selection you will find such a large variety of top quality audio and video cables to buy that we can find the solution to your connectivity problem in no time. We have pre-made cables, multi, split and break cables, hybrid cables and power cables for B2B and boxes. Our hybrid cables are both available for Schuko and powerCON connections. Do you want to buy Schuko hybrid cables? Then there is also the option to buy cables in bulk.  

Connectivity gets personal for free!

At LivePower, we mainly sell B2B, which is why we give your company many personalisation options when you buy our top quality audio and video cables or when you purchase stage boxes. For example, you can put your name or logo on your cord reels. When it comes to a B2B purchase, you can let us personalise the cables themselves with stickers or hook-and-loop strips with your logo. This enables you to consistently implement the house style of your company or venue and give an even more professional impression.

Design once order infinitely
Once you’ve set up your personalised products in our configurator, you can store the design conveniently in 'my LivePower'- account. Your next personalised order is made with just a click. 

Do not hesitate to talk to us

Feel free to contact us for a B2B purchase, as it is important to have all the necessary information about our top quality audio and video cables before you decide to buy them. We also offer custom-made cables. However, it is essential that we have a clear overview of your setup, since this is mainly a solution when you cannot find the right length of cable in our web shop. We are also happy to advise you on a B2B purchase to ensure you buy the right cables.

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