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Buy Schuko hybrid cables

At LivePower, located near Brussels, you can buy the Schuko and powerCON hybrid cables you need. We are known for our very extensive selection of pre-made cables, adaptors and split boxes. In other words, we are sure to have the right cable for you. If necessary, we can even make custom cables. Read on and find out more about hybrid cables.

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Buy Schuko or powerCON hybrid cables for an efficient use of space

Much like powerCON hybrid cables, you buy Schuko hybrid cables because they combine different functionalities in one single cable. A common combination is the supply of both the audio signal and the required power. It is a solution for settings where you need to use space very efficiently. Larger venues therefore often buy Schuko hybrid cables. We only sell B2B, that is the reason why all our power cables and audio cables are available in large quantities and in different lengths. We also offer the option of buying in bulk.

Feel free to call us for more detailed information

 With specific questions about the functioning of hybrid cables type Schuko or powerCON, you can always contact us before you decide to buy them. Questions about our other products are welcome as well. Fill in the contact form on the contact page or simply call us on 0032 (0) Sending an e-mail to hello@livepower.be is also an option.