Purchase custom-made cables

Avoid cable clutter and purchase custom-made cables from LivePower, located near Brussels. You will find all types of cables in different sizes and quantities. However, sometimes it is inevitable that in some cases, you will not find the right size or quantity in our extensive selection. Continue reading and find out how to purchase your custom-made cables. LivePower offers completely custom products, build from scratch with a full-installation service for patch panels & flightcases. Why choose for professional service? Check it out below.

Purchase custom-made cables for your venue

Custom-made products fit your needs perfectly. Unlimited options give you the power to create a product without missing a single piece you've missed before! If you can think of it, we can build it! When it comes to large venues, we are very much aware of the fact that our extensive selection of pre-made cables is sometimes not large enough. In that case, you can contact us for the purchase of custom-made cables. However, the advantage of our pre-made products is that you can buy them in bulk. The cable management of audio cables can become very difficult if all cables are just a bit too long. Make life a lot easier for yourself and the artists that perform at your venue and buy custom-made cables to avoid the cable clutter. Turnkey projects ensure a reliable system and save you a lot of time and money.

Feel free to ask for support

Feel free to ask for support. We not only sell cables, as you can also buy adaptors. Furthermore, you can also order empty stage boxes, for example. You can also find all the accessories you may need in our web store. If you wish to purchase custom cables, call us at 0032 (0) or send an e-mail to hello@livepower.be.

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