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At LivePower, you are at the right place to buy speakON cables and connectors for your speakers. SpeakON connectors are used for connections between speakers and amplifiers, especially when working with professional audio equipment. SpeakON cables are known to retain their quality even after years of intensive use! Read on and find out all about our diverse selection of cables.

Buy speakON cables or other accessories for your speakers

At LivePower, located near Brussels, you do not only buy speakON cables, but also all other accessories for your speakers. We are best known for our extensive selection of cables. We focus on both video and audio. We have very specific cables, such as audio break cables. Furthermore, you can also buy connectors, such as speakON connectors and the powerCON 32 A. You will certainly find what you need for your specific setting.

SpeakON connectors or XLR connectors?

People are often confused whether they should buy speakON connectors or XLR connectors. After all, they share their functionality. Both carry audio signals. However, there is a big difference. A XLR carries up to 15 amps, which is ideal for most line-level signals, whereas speakON connectors and cables are used for bigger speakers that require more amps.

Get additional support

Sometimes you need very specific cables, as each cable has its own unique functionality. It is therefore important that you buy the right one for your equipment. If you would like some additional support to buy the right speakON connectors, we are always available to help you. Call us on 0032 (0) or send an e-mail to

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